Rainbow School

Website: www.rainbowschool.gr

Rainbow School is an NGO focused on combating homophobia, transphobia, bifophia and intersexphobia in the Greek educational system. It pursues this objective through research, educational programs aiming at educators, students, parents, institutions and general public, creation of educational material, networking, collaborating and advocating.

Rainbow School formed in 2009 and founded as a legal entity in 2020.It started out as an empowering group for LGBTI+ educators and it has evolved into an actor for the promotion of institutional changes for more inclusive schools for educators, students and parents.

Rainbow School has a wide base of followers within the educational sector, as well as the LGBTI+ community and has been an active stakeholder, conversing with all levels and sectors of the educational system, from teachers to ministers and even party leaders, in an effort to promote its goals of awareness raising, inclusiveness and combating discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

  Website: www.rainbowschool.gr

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